How do I create good duty rosters during the holiday season?

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The summer months are an exciting time. On the one hand, employees enjoy their well-deserved vacation, but on the other hand, business must be maintained – and with significantly reduced staff. Understaffing, overtime and stress are the consequences. But what is the best way to prevent the painful restrictions?

This allows you to identify bottlenecks and avoid understaffing

Vacation days are often released and approved well in advance without the HR manager being aware of whether the remaining crew is sufficient to ensure proper operation. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is simply a lack of overview.

In addition to the operational business, it is very demanding to keep duty rosters up to date for every single month of the year. When an employee requests a vacation period, it must be manually reviewed by the manager. And this is exactly where many companies fail.

How can I know in real time whether the vacation request should be approved?

Often those managers who are responsible for the duty rostering of the employees cannot easily implement the vacation requests of the employees with the proper internal tools and methods.

However, this problem can be solved relatively easily. With the right tool, such as using intelligent scheduling software. The manager simply enters the employee’s vacation request and recalculates the relevant period. Within a few seconds, the manager can see whether the employee’s vacation request leads to major challenges for the company or not.

It is of course important to take all working time regulations and other guidelines into account. The manager receives a basis for his decision in real time – whether he should approve the vacation request or not. For employees who want to plan their well-deserved vacation, the short decision-making process is a massive advantage. Because even if the first vacation request cannot be approved, the manager and the employee can simply try out other constellations within a few minutes and thus quickly come to a good solution for everyone involved.

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