API Services for Workforce Management

Do you want to leverage the power of automated workforce management, but already have a workforce management software suite or homegrown solution in place?

No problem – you can leverage the power of Sheepblue’s automation solution via our API services. Using open and well-documented REST interfaces, connecting the dots is possible with little effort.

100% RESTful Webservices

RESTful web services are lightweight, highly scalable and maintainable, and are the modern standard for building APIs for web-based applications.

With our service-oriented architecture, we enable you to connect to our system quickly and easily.

Schnittstellen zu vielen Systemen

In order to exploit the entire value creation process, it is important to break down information silos and establish good communication between the individual software systems. Sheepblue can communicate with the following IT systems:

  • ERP
  • Forecasting
  • Time and attendance
  • Workforce Management 

The best of multiple worlds

Every software solution is built to solve a specific problem. Sheepblue solves the problem of distributing the right employees to the right shifts. The user-friendly management of rules and policies makes Sheepblue the best choice for all industries and use cases.

Questions about our API services? Get in touch with us!

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