What is Sheepblue?


Automated workforce planning

Sheepblue creates the roster for your employees at the touch of a button and observes all the necessary rules for your company, such as legal requirements on working hours per day, week, month, rest periods, etc.


Consider wishes

Sheepblue optimizes rosters for both your company’s needs and the preferences of your employees. Intelligent algorithms minimize overtime and maximize employee satisfaction. It frees the manager from burdensome manual work.


Swap shifts

Sheepblue provides a simple mobile interface for the employee. Work and leisure time wishes can be entered via this interface. A direct swap feature is also available.

The digital work schedule - 100% mobile

With Sheepblue, rosters can be sent directly to the mobile phones of employees. Your employees do not need to install an app to do this. Work and leisure time requests can be entered with just a few clicks – around the clock.

Define shifts according to time requirements

Required shifts can be created quickly and easily. Simply define the day, the time span, the number of required employees and the corresponding qualification. Sheepblue will do the work and calculate the optimal roster for you and your staff.

Automated workforce planning & amazing overview

At the touch of a button, the perfect roster is created over the desired period of time (up to 12 months into the future). Working arrangements, legal regulations, etc. are considered as well as the preferences of your employees. Managers have access to all relevant information about different locations and employees at any time

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