Our web-based software for automated rostering provides a great advantage to companies in many industries. If employees must be optimally planned in an efficient way, Sheepblue is the simple and fair solution.

Manufacturing & Production

Industry 4.0 and intelligent production are not just buzzwords, but developments that no production company can hide from anymore. Digitization, automation, the Internet of Things and the colloboration of humans and machines can bring many benefits.

Market-side challenges as well as the intense competition should not be underestimated. Individual production cycles must be considered as well as the desire for more flexibility among the employees.

Sheepblue brings significant benefits not only to service providers but also to manufacturing companies. The allocation of employees to the corresponding machines/workstations is fully automated based on the stored information on qualifications and working time models.

The rapid change of e.g. a 2-shift model to a 3-shift model can be performed at the touch of a button. Sheepblue allows long-term simulations of personnel requirements and thus helps machines and people to optimize perfectly to the conditions.

Logistics & TRansportation

Branche Transport

The workforce planning of outsourced employees and salaried employees is often a big challenge in the warehouse logistics industry. But also work overload and systemic mismatching of qualification profiles makes shift planning and employee management a massive challenge.

Sheepblue creates rosters fully automated, taking into account the specific optimization needs of the company. Even industry-specific regulations are observed. The optimization of the rosters is done according to the priorities of the company, e.g. the lifting of specially qualified workers or the forward rolling in multi-layer models.

Service & Leisure

Branche Freizeit

Service companies and leisure businesses often have multiple locations and special opening hours. High employee turnover, large differences in collective agreements and many part-time employees characterize these areas. Qualification is also an important topic.

Not every employee is suitable for every job. Therefore, qualifications and practice are in this industry extremely important in terms of scheduling.

Sheepblue allows employee scheduling across multiple locations. Simple and fast the manager can gain overview of all his business locations. The assignment of employees to the locations and their areas of application is carried out according to the company’s requirements and the qualifications of the employees.

Invidual rosters are transferred directly to the employee via SMS or Email. Easily employees can apply for swapping a shift or can directly swap a shift with a co-worker. Sheepblue understands the request and executes the swaps fully automated.


Branche Handel

Personnel planning in the retail sector is a great challenge for many companies.

Particularly complex collective agreements, long opening hours, strong fluctuations in personnel requirements and the high number of part-time employees must be taken into account.

Sheepblue creates optimal rosters in order to address specific issues in a company`s workforce planning.  Even special regulations of commerce, such as the settlement of differently valued hours depending on the time situation, or the regulation of super weekends, are included in the calculation. 

The optimization of the rosters is done according to the priorities of the company, e.g. the minimization of overtime, the introduction of a 4-day week week as well as the consideration of the employee’s preferences.


Branche Gesundheitswesen

Personnel deployment planning in the healthcare sector is a major challenge. Complex shift models, weekend services, a high number of different qualifications and strong fluctuations in staffing requirements often occur.

Sheepblue restores the balance with the help of intelligent algorithms and ensures that the best possible match is done with the staff available.

 The placement of qualifications and periods of service frame is possible as well as the optimization rest periods. An efficient and fair roster design is done with the push of a button – with minimal manual effort.

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