Next generation AI driven workforce planning
Automated shift planning / employee scheduling

Combine the strategy of your company with the preferences of your employees. Create your roster quickly with just one click using our SaaS solution.

Why Sheepblue?

Complex rosters

Legal framework and working time arrangements make your rostering (shift planning/employee scheduling) complicated and confusing? Do you find it difficult to manage your maximal working hours or your changing opening hours?

Optimization & overtime

Optimizing your rosters is difficult and time consuming? Would you like to give your employees more free time over the weekends? Do you often have to pay overtime? Do you miss a simple overview?

Employee requests & shift swaps

Currently it is not possible to consider the preferences of your employees and to respond to their wishes, although you would like to do that? Swapping a shift currently costs you and your employees a lot of time and effort?

Locations & Expansion

You would like to schedule your employees across multiple locations, but the communication effort is too high? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and feel the need for a tool to help you with this activity?

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better quality of the schedule through automatic optimization
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happier employees because their concerns are taken into consideration
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Ways to find your optimal duty roster

The benefits of AI driven employee scheduling

Sheepblue is efficient and flexible

Automated employee scheduling

The calculation of the roster is fully automated. This saves you a lot of time and manual work. Even long planning horizons are no problem at all. By clicking the calculation button, the roster is created in just a few minutes - even for a full year in advance. AI drives the best possible result.

Flexible optimization

Whether you want to avoid overtime or optimize long weekends for your employees - Sheepblue supports you with individual and industry-specific optimization strategies. You can configure your strategies and rules for all organizational units or even single employees - and everything between it.

Sheepblue is fair and individual

Compliant employee scheduling

Sheepblue creates shift plans in accordance with the rules and laws, collective agreements and work agreements with individual working hours. In addition, Sheepblue takes into account the preferences of the employees and demonstrably distributes unpopular layers fairly to all employees.

Shift swap with zero effort

If an employee wants to swap a shift, Sheepblue communicates automatically and directly only with the candidates who are most suitable for the date/time slot. The swap of the shift and the communication is fully automatic - you and your employees can spend the time on more important things.

Sheepblue is proactive and sustainable

Ease of use

You can quickly and easily enter your personnel requirements via an intuitive user interface. Manual intervention is possible at any time. You always have the control and the overview. Employees can communicate directly with Sheepblue via Chatbot and Messenger.

Satisfied employees

Sheepblue takes note of the individual preferences of your employees in the shift planning process from the beginning. Individual time models and predictive absence planning allow the manager to respond exactly to the employees' wishes. ​​

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