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Automatically created rosters bring more fairness

In a company, there are shifts that are not so popular among the employees. The unpopular task of a good workforce planner is to distribute these shifts efficiently and fairly. But how can a good and fair distribution be guaranteed, taking into account all the wishes and interests of the

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How the 5-shift model works in real life

The compatibility of professional and private life is often a special challenge for shift workers, which can only be mastered through holistic and integrative concepts. There are different shift models – this time we’d like to introduce the 5-shift model to you. How easy it is to create schedules in

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How do I create good duty rosters during the holiday season?

The summer months are an exciting time. On the one hand, employees enjoy their well-deserved vacation, but on the other hand, business must be maintained – and with significantly reduced staff. Understaffing, overtime and stress are the consequences. But what is the best way to prevent the painful restrictions? This

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Shift planning in production: workforce scheduling made easy!

Especially during the summer months, optimal workforce planning is anything but easy. Whether vacation days or problems with childcare during the school holidays – shift planners are particularly challenged at this time. In addition to considering the needs of your employees, the efficient operation of the company is an essential

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Swap shifts – is that just allowed?

Whether it’s a planned dinner with the family, the birthday of a close friend or a parent-teacher conference at school – events like these are difficult to organize with an upcoming late shift. To switch shifts seems to be the optimal solution here, but is it allowed to do so?

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Digital shift planning in retail

The retail sector is a rapidly changing and challenging industry. New opening hours during the Corona pandemic, strong fluctuations in demand around holidays, or the changing consulting requirements of customers – retail has been facing a variety of challenges for several years now. Therefore, it is even more important to

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Internal employee development – This is why cross-functional skills are so important

Numerous companies are facing the same problem: They lack qualified personnel to fill shifts or certain departments. Finding employees on the labor market is also becoming extremely difficult for companies. As a result, companies are increasingly focusing on upskilling existing employees. Identifying understaffed positions  It is often difficult for staff

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Motivating employees: This is how you strengthen your teams in shift work

Employees significantly contribute to the success of a company. It is therefore hardly surprising that buzzwords like employee experience, staff satisfaction or flexibility in employee scheduling are becoming increasingly important. Shift work in particular often represents a great strain for employees. In addition to physical problems resulting from shift work,

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How to optimally incorporate apprentices into your roster

Over the past few weeks in particular, the topic of employee training and apprenticeships has increasingly moved into the focus of many companies. Additionally, news of dissatisfied apprentices, the desire for change within the current working environment, and the shortage of trainees are becoming more and more frequent. But how

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