Automatically created rosters bring more fairness

Automatische Dienstpläne schaffen mehr Fairness

In a company, there are shifts that are not so popular among the employees. The unpopular task of a good workforce planner is to distribute these shifts efficiently and fairly. But how can a good and fair distribution be guaranteed, taking into account all the wishes and interests of the employees?

Fairness in workforce scheduling is especially important for employee satisfaction. Staff dispatchers often spend hours thinking about how to distribute unpopular shifts and activities fairly. Shift systems such as rotations, for example, offer a good opportunity. Regular rotations mean that boring or particularly stressful tasks are only performed for a short period at a time. Night and weekend shifts can also be distributed evenly using this system. The important thing here is that the user can configure the rolling calculation period himself.

In addition, automatically created work schedules offer a particularly effective option, because by looking at a longer planning horizon, the system can identify discrepancies in the assignment of shifts in just a few seconds. In addition, by implementing legal rules as well as targeted optimization strategies, individually suitable duty rosters can be created.

On the other hand, the objectivity of automatic rostering software supports staff dispatchers in their work. The task of always maintaining an overview of past shifts and any employee requests represents an enormous challenge in the context of manual roster creation. With the help of artificial intelligence, the automatic staff scheduling system makes difficult decisions easier, and simplifies time-consuming activities when assigning shifts.

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