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Automatically created rosters bring more fairness

In a company, there are shifts that are not so popular among the employees. The unpopular task of a good workforce planner is to distribute these shifts efficiently and fairly. But how can a good and fair distribution be guaranteed, taking into account all the wishes and interests of the

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Internal employee development – This is why cross-functional skills are so important

Numerous companies are facing the same problem: They lack qualified personnel to fill shifts or certain departments. Finding employees on the labor market is also becoming extremely difficult for companies. As a result, companies are increasingly focusing on upskilling existing employees. Identifying understaffed positions  It is often difficult for staff

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HR analytics: How easy it is to support HR decisions

For a long time, the HR department was only considered on the sidelines when it came to digitization initiatives. However, Human Resources is precisely where a huge potential for improvement can be found. Flexible structures, the increased individualization of employee scheduling and new work models require broader decision-making bases in

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How to optimally incorporate apprentices into your roster

Over the past few weeks in particular, the topic of employee training and apprenticeships has increasingly moved into the focus of many companies. Additionally, news of dissatisfied apprentices, the desire for change within the current working environment, and the shortage of trainees are becoming more and more frequent. But how

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Keep your eyes open when buying software!

Faster, better and almost for free. This is the promise many software companies make to potential clients during the sales process. But which elements should you pay attention to – in order to recognize a good software. We show you the 5 most important factors, that should not be neglected

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