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Healthy shift planning through shift rotation

There are innumerable possibilities to create shift plans. But how can one take the needs and wishes of employees into account while simultaneously ensuring steady operations? Working in shifts constitute an enormous burden for employees. The human body follows its own rhythm – our internal clock. As a result, the

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Employee communication in times of crisis

The COVID-19-crisis confronts companies and their employees with new challenges on a daily basis. Effective employee communication has therefore become of utmost importance. Even Paul Watzlawick, a communication scientist and the author of the communication theory on radical constructivism, once said “it is impossible not to communicate”. Employee communication refers

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Optimal shift planning for hospitals

Hospitals and nursing homes in particular are constantly on the search for qualified specialists. The problem here, however, is that working hours are often not family-friendly due to difficulties in planning. This is often a criterion for exclusion when it comes to choosing a job. With this blog entry, we

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The relevance of “Employee Experience”

“Employee Experience” refers to various elements that make up the work experience. The work experience describes the interactions, impressions and situations that an employee experiences in a company during a certain period of time. All of these have an effect on the entire corporate culture in a direct and lasting

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Shift planning in retail trade

The retail trade in particular is a rapidly changing and challenging industry. Especially in turbulent times like the ones we are currently experiencing – due to Corona (Covid-19), short-time work and also economic crises – the retail trade is always a much needed and affected industry. The problems in the

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Workforce planning for satisfied employees

In the optimal workforce planning world, every employee should be involved in the duty rostering process, whether by submitting special requests and availabilities or by exchanging information with colleagues. Therefore, digital workforce management is of central importance if you want to increase employee satisfaction. Exchange of information by colleagues If

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Automatic workforce planning in pharmacies

The profession of a pharmacist is very sophisticated and a deep knowledge in a wide range of areas is an absolute necessity. However, the great responsibility does not only relate to the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products, because special legal requirements must also be observed within the framework of

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Employee Scheduling and Short-time work

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many employees are on short-time work and in home offices. Many companies, especially companies with shift work, are currently being put to a hard test, as they have to optimally regulate the creation of duty rosters and adapt them to the respective short-time work

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The 5-shift model

The compatibility of professional and private life is often a special challenge for shift workers, which can only be mastered through holistic and integrative concepts. There are different shift models – this time we would like to introduce the 5-shift model. How to schedule working time in a smart way

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