HR Trends 2022: The 5 key topics in the upcoming year

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Short-time employment, hybrid working environments and new demands to employees – HR departments have had to consider these elements in their planning over the past few years. We have done some research for you and have compiled the 5 most important HR trends of 2022:

Maintaining employee well-being

Many companies are already leading the way by putting employee satisfaction at the center of their attention. Besides improving employee’s physical health, the coming year will further prioritize workers mental health. This will not only result in a reduction in absence times but also lead to a significantly increase in employee productivity. Digital networking initiatives for employees can also make a significant contribution to maintaining their mental well-being.

A greater focus on flexibility and agility

This topic existed already before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now it has been implemented in a remarkably short period of time. Hybrid working and increased flexibility in duty scheduling are shaping HR trends in 2022. Work-life balance is being brought back into the corporate spotlight due to the arrival of Generation Z. Through co-determination in the context of shift planning or the consideration of wishes, rostering is experiencing a stronger change towards individualization.

In addition, agility continues to gain importance. Rapid adaptability and the power to actively drive change are defining competitive advantages in 2022. Due to the existing uncertainty about possible closures, short-time work, or upcoming vacation planning, companies must develop suitable strategies to efficiently manage change and counteract so-called “change fatigue”.

Diversity & inclusion in all areas

Diversity and inclusion have already been crucial focal points in HR in recent years. The “Gartner HR Trends Report” clearly highlights the importance of diversity. Studies have also proven that diversified teams are more innovative and competitive. The term “diversity” includes not only gender or ethnic diversity, but also the variety of generations within a company.

Especially “managing different generations” constitutes a major challenge for many companies. New values and ideas as well as the increased desire for flexibility and co-determination must be combined with existing corporate values and goals.

A targeted development of skills

Training of employees is another necessity that will continue to shape human resources in the upcoming year. Knowledge is one of the most valuable resources. Due to a lack of clarity regarding travel restrictions and the uncertain situation on the labor market, companies are now increasingly focusing on expanding the skills of existing employees. In particular, the targeted strategic development of future-relevant skills is becoming one of the most important topics for HR professionals. 

HR analytics as an important foundation

Automated HR systems and digitization initiatives for the field of HR management have enabled new trends. Based on accurate employee data, optimal decisions can subsequently be made and the best individual solution identified. Another important advantage of digital alternatives is the enormous time savings resulting from the use of automated HR tools. Employees are one of the most important resources for companies. It is therefore not surprising that the HR department itself will become increasingly important in 2022.

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