Diversity in companies – being an employer for everyone


Each person is special. Employees’ individual skills and strengths are as different as their characters. Companies have already recognized the relevance of diversity and are increasingly trying to integrate this factor into the company’s daily business and its strategy.

Diversity in companies can be implemented in various areas in different forms. In addition to cultural diversity factors such as age, educational background or personal characteristics are important elements for diversity within organizations.

Diversity offers many advantages, especially in view of globalization and the ongoing demographic change. Different perspectives enable innovative approaches to solutions and provide a point of reference for productive discussion and strategy development. Diversity in terms of age also counteracts an aging workforce and facilitates an effective transfer of knowledge. This is an essential factor in maintaining vital competitive advantages and keeping performance levels high.

In addition to the innumerable benefits that increasing diversity offers employers, it requires highly effective planning given the diverse needs and expectations of employees. Staff schedulers have to take the individual abilities of employees into account when planning their work schedules and allow them to adapt their schedules to their individual life phases and needs by making planning more flexible.

Tools for automatic duty scheduling take individual qualifications and company policies into account. The implementation of a request and exchange system can also significantly reduce the planning effort for staff schedulers – while simultaneously increasing overall flexibility. Intelligent planning algorithms further ensure fair distribution and rotation within the defined constraints, taking into account any legal requirements.

Sheepblue is a software solution for automated workforce planning. With the help of artificial intelligence, employees and shifts are optimally assigned, which not only increases planning reliability and efficiency, but also employee satisfaction.

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