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Workforce planning in the healthcare sector

The Corona crisis has reinforced what was already commonplace in the healthcare sector: long working hours, unwelcome shifts and an enormous psychological pressure which leads to extreme stress among employees within this industry.  These are precisely the issues that cause the greatest challenges in the context of staff scheduling in

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4 ways to get rid of your employees

You can find countless online articles on how companies can turn into “top employers”. Flexibility, trust and appreciation are core elements of an employee-friendly corporate culture. In this not-so-serious post, we will show you how to keep employee turnover high and quickly forget about using the so-called “New Work”! work-life

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Is it time for a 4-day workweek?

Some companies are already leading the way – four days working, three days off. The concept of a four-day workweek is becoming increasingly popular among the general public. But what advantages does it offer to the employers and what regulations regarding working hours need to be complied with?  The term

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Stress and burnout – How can you support your employees?

Faster, better, further. This mentality is commonly shared in today’s performance-based society and a widely spread mindset in many organizations. But what if you can’t go any further? What if the pressure becomes too intense?  The term burnout is already well-known amongst many people. Nevertheless, there is no clear definition

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HR Software Solutions: Best-of-Breed vs. All-in-One

Companies are presented with a multitude of HR software providers. Their offerings range from individual “best-of-breed” solutions to comprehensive all-in-one solutions for HR. But which strategy is best suited for the digitization of HR? This decision depends on a wide variety of factors. Companies should therefore carry out a status-quo

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How to make optimal use of temporary workers

Temporary workers, also known as subcontracted workers, represent an essential source of flexibility and operational capability for many companies. Particularly due to the shortage of qualified workers on the labor market, many industries are already experiencing an enormous shortage of skilled personnel. These shortages often have to be compensated through

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