Stress and burnout – How can you support your employees?

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Faster, better, further. This mentality is commonly shared in today’s performance-based society and a widely spread mindset in many organizations. But what if you can’t go any further? What if the pressure becomes too intense? 

The term burnout is already well-known amongst many people. Nevertheless, there is no clear definition of what is classified as a burnout syndrome. Those affected usually report a feeling of being “burned out”, a sense of being overwhelmed, being unable to work, as well as other physical and psychological symptoms. The process of developing such a state of excessive exertion is usually a gradual one. Therefore, it is even more important for employers to take preventive measures in order to maintain the health of their workforce.

Apart from a general reduction of performance pressure, it is necessary to promote a positive working atmosphere and a good work-life balance. Employees also actively contribute to the overall work environment through their behavior within the company. Appreciation, teamwork and the elimination of unnecessary competitiveness among employees within the company can have a sustainable positive impact on the climate within your organization. 

For many employees balancing work and private life also constitutes a major challenge. By creating regular recovery times and optimizing staff scheduling, fair duty assignments can be created based on individual employee preferences. In order to reduce the planning effort, software solutions for automated duty scheduling offer a huge time- and cost-saving advantage.

Sheepblue generates the optimal duty roster at the touch of a button, taking into account legal requirements, individual preferences and company-specific rules. In this way, employees have constant access to the current duty roster and can submit time-off or swap requests directly via Sheepblue’s mobile webpage. The system automatically compares these wishes with existing planning options and matches them in the best possible way. This allows you to increase the work-life balance of your employees in the long term, without any additional work for your staff schedulers.

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