4 ways to get rid of your employees

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You can find countless online articles on how companies can turn into “top employers”. Flexibility, trust and appreciation are core elements of an employee-friendly corporate culture. In this not-so-serious post, we will show you how to keep employee turnover high and quickly forget about using the so-called “New Work”!

work-life balance – What was that again?

Work and leisure in the same breath? That really would be too good to be true. Your employees are different from the rest and certainly have no need for free time and personal fulfillment. Parents in particular are organizational talents and certainly manage to juggle their work and childcare without support. These trendy planning tools and the move towards digitalization – all that is pure nonsense. After all, everything used to work in the past.

This is not “make a wish”

Whether it is a wish for free time or a wish for more variety – assembly line work already ran smoothly with Ford… so why should we move away from the tried and true? Responding to employee requests can only go wrong – this sounds like the beginning of anarchy. The competition certainly doesn’t allow that everyone knows: new is always bad! In the end, employees can swap shifts and make requests for time off and duty, falling back on the fairness factor – terrible!  

Please do not forget to ignore relevant professional articles that want to make you believe that employee participation would have a positive impact on the retention rate of employees in your company or would make you more attractive as an employer. 

it is nice to work – therefore always save something for tomorrow

A rigid work schedule has never hurt anybody – after all, tomorrow is still a day and those who need flexible planning are just too lazy to follow a proper and fixed plan. For this reason, the top priority is to ignore “new work” methods and not to take flexibility quite as seriously.   

regular working hours – you can do it, but you don’t have to.

Let’s be honest: who cares when and how much employees work. The main point is that someone is available and that the position is occupied. For employee satisfaction it should be enough that they have a job at all and that they receive their salary. The job rotation happens sometimes this way and sometimes that, and the 30-minute break during the shift is certainly enough for regeneration. And the few employees who expect scheduled services are just out of luck. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you think that there is still something that could be improved in your company, please feel free to contact us. Sheepblue is an innovative software solution for automatic duty scheduling. Through the use of intelligent planning algorithms, flexible duty scheduling can be ensured without any additional effort. The consideration of employee wishes has top priority alongside the observance of individual rules, optimization criteria and strategies.

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