Summer, sun and sunshine – how to manage vacation and absence planning effectively


While many employees may be looking forward towards the vacation season, it is often a particularly stressful and busy time for staff schedulers.  Despite reduced personnel resources surrounding holidays or school vacations, smooth operations have to be ensured even in the event of spontaneous absences – due to sick leaves, for example. But how can vacation days be allocated fairly while still responding to the needs of individual employees?

Communication is at the core of vacation planning. The earlier wishes are expressed, the higher the probability that they can be granted. But what if there is a spontaneous parent-child meeting or a special trip for your 50th birthday? In such cases, flexibility in rostering is key. 

Clear planning structures and properly recorded background information allow planners to determine directly whether a possible replacement can be found and whether the time-off request is feasible. In particular, the automated consideration of already planned vacations, time-off requests or simple shift swap requests has proven to be an incredible help in the context of vacation planning.

Moreover, it is crucial that all employees are granted equal opportunities. By defining planning strategies, it can be ensured that the approval of the request for time-off does not result at other employees’ expense. It also makes sense to grant employees regular vacations in order to reduce absences due to illness and to prevent employee-specific tasks from not being completed over a long period of time.  

By using Sheepblue, vacations can be planned in an uncomplicated and transparent way. Employees have the option of submitting duty- or time-off requests at any time via their individual online accounts. The system compares the staffing requirements and all stored planning options with the wishes of your employees and thus guarantees optimal and efficient rostering. And all this with just one click!

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