Healthy shift planning through shift rotation


There are innumerable possibilities to create shift plans. But how can one take the needs and wishes of employees into account while simultaneously ensuring steady operations?

Working in shifts constitute an enormous burden for employees. The human body follows its own rhythm – our internal clock. As a result, the working time in shift models often has a huge long-term impact on the workers’ health situation and daily routines. Health issues like sleep disturbance, cardiovascular problems as well as an increased accident proneness are just a small number of resulting health consequences. Therefore, optimal duty rosters are inevitable in order to minimize long term follow-ups. But how can such duty rosters be achieved?

The secret lies in the sequence of the shifts and their alternating cycles. Hence, rotation in the shift allocation is of utmost importance. In particular, late and night shifts are a challenge for employees. However, this effect can be reduced by rotating the shift allocation forward. Switching from early shift to late shift and night shift facilitates to adjust one’s body to the everchanging work schedules. Moreover, this rotation mechanism non-working days have been proven to offer more relaxation than individual days off.

In addition, the duration of the different shift cycles also has a significant impact on the satisfaction and health of shift workers. By working in just one shift over long time, employees experience difficulties when changing to anotherone. As a result, the outcomes of various studies recommend short shift alternation cycles of two days.

To ensure effective shift planning without immense expenditure of time, automatic optimization algorithms offer suitable alternatives. By implementing rules for the alternation of shifts, the system automatically follows the appropriate rotation strategy. This enables the application to automatically create an optimal shift schedule with just one click, while taking laws and regulations into account.

With Sheepblue, shift planning can be completely automated. Simultaneously, the forward rotation of different shifts can be performed by the software and optimal leisure time blocks for employees are created accordingly. This saves up to 90% of manual work.

Sheepblue as a software solution

Sheepblue creates the duty roster for your departments and employees at the simple click of a button, taking into account all the necessary rules for your company, such as legal requirements on working hours. In addition, Sheepblue automatically takes care of the correct allocation of the selected shifts. Sheepblue offers employers a way to create shift schedules efficiently, quickly and easily.

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