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Automatically created rosters bring more fairness

In a company, there are shifts that are not so popular among the employees. The unpopular task of a good workforce planner is to distribute these shifts efficiently and fairly. But how can a good and fair distribution be guaranteed, taking into account all the wishes and interests of the

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How the 5-shift model works in real life

The compatibility of professional and private life is often a special challenge for shift workers, which can only be mastered through holistic and integrative concepts. There are different shift models – this time we’d like to introduce the 5-shift model to you. How easy it is to create schedules in

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How do I create good duty rosters during the holiday season?

The summer months are an exciting time. On the one hand, employees enjoy their well-deserved vacation, but on the other hand, business must be maintained – and with significantly reduced staff. Understaffing, overtime and stress are the consequences. But what is the best way to prevent the painful restrictions? This

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Swap shifts – is that just allowed?

Whether it’s a planned dinner with the family, the birthday of a close friend or a parent-teacher conference at school – events like these are difficult to organize with an upcoming late shift. To switch shifts seems to be the optimal solution here, but is it allowed to do so?

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