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How to optimally incorporate apprentices into your roster

Over the past few weeks in particular, the topic of employee training and apprenticeships has increasingly moved into the focus of many companies. Additionally, news of dissatisfied apprentices, the desire for change within the current working environment, and the shortage of trainees are becoming more and more frequent. But how

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Diversity in companies – being an employer for everyone

Each person is special. Employees’ individual skills and strengths are as different as their characters. Companies have already recognized the relevance of diversity and are increasingly trying to integrate this factor into the company’s daily business and its strategy. Diversity in companies can be implemented in various areas in different

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Keep your eyes open when buying software!

Faster, better and almost for free. This is the promise many software companies make to potential clients during the sales process. But which elements should you pay attention to – in order to recognize a good software. We show you the 5 most important factors, that should not be neglected

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Workforce planning in the healthcare sector

The Corona crisis has reinforced what was already commonplace in the healthcare sector: long working hours, unwelcome shifts and an enormous psychological pressure which leads to extreme stress among employees within this industry.  These are precisely the issues that cause the greatest challenges in the context of staff scheduling in

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4 ways to get rid of your employees

You can find countless online articles on how companies can turn into “top employers”. Flexibility, trust and appreciation are core elements of an employee-friendly corporate culture. In this not-so-serious post, we will show you how to keep employee turnover high and quickly forget about using the so-called “New Work”! work-life

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