The 3 most common mistakes in shift planning


A well-structured and reliable roster is not only valuable for manager, but also for employees. However, there are some major obstacles to overcome, especially in the process of employee scheduling. The following sections will help you to identify issues that need to be taken into account when creating a manual schedule.

Unclear work- and rest periods

The maximum number of working hours per employee is fixed in many companies. In addition, there are also legal requirements which have to be complied with. For example, employees are entitled to take breaks if their working time exceeds 6 hours. The duration of the break depends on the number of respective working hours and must therefore be taken into account.

Overtime regulations

Of course, if necessary, there is the possibility of assigning staff beyond the regular daily hours. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that different regulations in duty rosters as well as possible company agreements or contracts have to be considered. To stay below the specified maximum limit in the corresponding calculation period, digital planning tools are an efficient and reliable solution.

Lack of communication and clear overview

A good roster includes corporate demands as well as wishes and proposals of employees. Moreover, vacation days and possible absences due to illness must be taken into account. Therefore, it is essential to have a good overview of all available employees in order to ensure an optimal allocation of resources. It is also important for employees to always have a concise overview of the current duty roster in order to express possible wishes or absences in time.

We have developed our innovative duty scheduling software to make this task somewhat easier for personnel planners. Sheepblue automatically creates rosters in accordance with any legal requirements and is always accessible via a mobile website.

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