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How to make optimal use of temporary workers

Temporary workers, also known as subcontracted workers, represent an essential source of flexibility and operational capability for many companies. Particularly due to the shortage of qualified workers on the labor market, many industries are already experiencing an enormous shortage of skilled personnel. These shortages often have to be compensated through

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Fair duty scheduling through automation

It is not always the case that employees are pleased to take on certain tasks or shifts. Therefore, it is the unpleasant job of a good personnel planner to assign these shifts efficiently and fairly. But how can a faire shift scheduling be guaranteed, taking into account the employees’ personal

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The 3 most common mistakes in shift planning

A well-structured and reliable roster is not only valuable for manager, but also for employees. However, there are some major obstacles to overcome, especially in the process of employee scheduling. The following sections will help you to identify issues that need to be taken into account when creating a manual

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Automation vs. Augmentation – what`s the difference?

Adaptability and being open-minded towards new technologies are highly important aspects in today`s economy. Nevertheless, there is often a high level of uncertainty regarding new developments and the differences between innovative concepts. One of the things that often gets confused is the differentiation between augmentation and automation, as these are

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Hidden Costs in Shift Scheduling

The creation of efficient and optimized rosters is often connected with high costs, especially when created manually. Hidden costs in particular, which make rostering an enormous cost factor, are often disregarded. Therefore, companies have to not only take a closer look at costs that directly occur as a result of

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