Hidden Costs in Shift Scheduling

Hidden Costs shift scheduling

The creation of efficient and optimized rosters is often connected with high costs, especially when created manually. Hidden costs in particular, which make rostering an enormous cost factor, are often disregarded.

Therefore, companies have to not only take a closer look at costs that directly occur as a result of the shift scheduling process but rather also include connected costs. Especially in the winter months shift planning can vary a lot due to sick days of employees or other unforeseen circumstances. Accordingly, not only a new suitable employee has to be found for the vacant shift, but also additional planning capacity has to be created for the responsible dispatcher. The search for available and suitable employees thus usually requires a significant time effort.

In addition, it is often difficult to find an employee with the required qualifications, as these are usually already assigned elsewhere. Extra costs quickly arise due to overtime or additional payments. Nevertheless, it is still of utmost importance not to disregard possible rest periods or maximum working hours in the planning process.

Hidden costs can be avoided most efficiently by using an automated workforce scheduling software. At the push of a button, all possible shift constellations are compared by the system within a few minutes and thus the optimal duty roster is obtained. This not only allows companies to save both time and money, but also to increase employee satisfaction while complying with legal regulations.

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