How to make optimal use of temporary workers

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Temporary workers, also known as subcontracted workers, represent an essential source of flexibility and operational capability for many companies. Particularly due to the shortage of qualified workers on the labor market, many industries are already experiencing an enormous shortage of skilled personnel. These shortages often have to be compensated through the use of external workforce.

What is temporary work?

The purchase of external labor from a designated temporary employment agency is referred to as temporary employment or temporary work. The worker enters into a contractual relationship with the leasing agency, which provides the corresponding employee to one of its client companies. Thus, a pool of external and disposable manpower is created, which can be used according to the individual demand. In most cases, these employees are paid on an hourly basis without a fixed monthly salary. 

How can temporary staffing be optimally utilized?

Within the framework of a personnel flexibilization strategy, it is often advantageous to distinguish between long-term minimum capacity utilization, normal employee capacity utilization and peaks in orders. While the company’s internal workforce should be particularly taken into account for normal capacity utilization as well as long-term capacity planning, it usually makes sense to cover additional demand at order peaks by using the services of temporary workers.

In addition, contract workers are usually assigned more frequently to undesirable shifts, such as night shifts or weekend shifts. This ensures not only an increase in internal employee satisfaction, but also a certain degree of cost and planning security.

However, there are hardly any clearly defined strategies for the use of temporary workers in the staff scheduling process in most organizations. Simple ad-hoc strategies with great potential for optimization can therefore frequently be discovered within this area.

The solution

Sheepblue is a software for automated workforce scheduling, based on individual rules and strategies. By implementing different planning structures, our innovative system offers the possibility to structure the utilization of temporary workers in your company in the most cost-efficient way. Of course, maintaining flexibility, increasing employee satisfaction and ensuring planning reliability are always of highest priority for our intelligent algorithm.

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