Automation vs. Augmentation – what`s the difference?

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Adaptability and being open-minded towards new technologies are highly important aspects in today`s economy. Nevertheless, there is often a high level of uncertainty regarding new developments and the differences between innovative concepts. One of the things that often gets confused is the differentiation between augmentation and automation, as these are often used within the same context.Therefore, we wanted to bring some clarity in the distinction of those two ideas.


Within the last few years, digitalization has become a huge competitive advantage within many industries. The term automation refers to the replacement of human workforce through digitally optimized systems.

A well-known example that could be named here is Robotic Process Automation, which enables machines to perform the repetitive tasks, that were previously carried out by human workforce. In particular, repetitive and time-intensive tasks or tasks that are extremely prone to error are being replaced in this process. This leads to increased productivity and operational effectiveness. On the other hand, employees often fear losing their jobs and companies are often getting highly dependent on the respective tech providers.


To tackle the problems of automation, augmentation tries to provide support to the existing workforce without replacing the humans involved. The focal point of this concept lies in facilitating employee`s tasks and therefore enabling efficient and optimized working conditions aiming to expand the capabilities of an individual.

As both procedures are often quite new and a bit overwhelming for employees, it is of utmost importance to provide the required support to the individuals in the implementation process and for questions arising later on.

Sheepblue is a software that uses AI to augment rostering tasks. The innovative software provides an easy-to-use interface combined with the benefits of digitalized operations. This does not only lead to increased productivity and a reduction of error but will also ensure the optimum planning process for employees, as the system automatically considers their wishes and relevant legal requirements.

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