Fair duty scheduling through automation

Fair workforce planning

It is not always the case that employees are pleased to take on certain tasks or shifts. Therefore, it is the unpleasant job of a good personnel planner to assign these shifts efficiently and fairly. But how can a faire shift scheduling be guaranteed, taking into account the employees’ personal interests?

Fairness is crucial for employee satisfaction, especially in the course of rostering. Workforce planners often spend several hours figuring out how to fairly assign unpopular shifts and chores. Therefore, systems like job rotation offer a useful solution. Regular rotation ensures that boring or highly challenging tasks are only performed for a short period of time. This system can also be used to equally distribute night and weekend shifts

The automated creation of shift schedules is another particularly efficient option. By considering a longer planning horizon, the system can detect imbalances in the distribution of shifts in just a few seconds. Furthermore, by implementing regulations, such as specific optimization strategies or arrangements tailored to employees with children, individually fitting schedules are generated.

Moreover, the objectivity of an automatic workforce scheduling software provides valuable assistance to personnel planners regarding the scheduling process. What is more, the responsibility to always maintain a clear overview of previously assigned shifts and employee preferences and requests is an immense challenge in manual scheduling. Systems using artificial intelligence facilitate the duty planning process by making difficult decisions easier, and simplifying time-consuming shift scheduling activities.

Sheepblue ensures a fair allocation of shifts by automatically calculating the optimal duty roster. Specific regulations guarantee compliance with legal requirements or contractual working time regulations. In addition, individual preferences can be easily integrated, which ensures an enhanced level of employee satisfaction.

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