HR Software Solutions: Best-of-Breed vs. All-in-One

best-of-breed Software Lösung

Companies are presented with a multitude of HR software providers. Their offerings range from individual “best-of-breed” solutions to comprehensive all-in-one solutions for HR. But which strategy is best suited for the digitization of HR?

This decision depends on a wide variety of factors. Companies should therefore carry out a status-quo analysis in advance and consider the following decision criteria:

  • Which problems need to be solved?
  • What do we really need? What are our requirements?
  • What is our financial situation? Are there any topics that have priority?
  • What is the capacity of our internal IT department?

 Generally, there are two different strategies:

All-in-one solutions are systems that include various functionalities such as workforce scheduling, time tracking, and payroll tasks. By combining a variety of offerings within a single platform, these solutions offer the benefit of a uniform user interface. This type of system eliminates time-consuming searches for complementary systems or suitable integration options.  However, this leads to an extensive dependency on the single provider as well as a very low level of specialized applications. As a result, costly customizations are often necessary. Many of these comprehensive HR and ERP systems also contain additional functions that are unneeded or not adapted to the company’s needs. In this case, switching or expanding is usually only possible through additional purchases or by incurring an enormous amount of expenses.

Therefore, many companies prefer using special “best-of-breed” systems. Within this approach, specialized and more comprehensive software applications from different manufacturers are integrated into the company’s day-to-day operations. Moreover, this provides the companies with a high degree of individualization possibilities through different software combinations, which can contribute to sustainable competitive advantages. In addition, thanks to their specific experience, many of these providers offer better support to their customers. The disadvantages of these systems involve different user interfaces and the lack of a combined accounting system for the various cooperation partners. Nevertheless, the implementation of a range of different applications provides the possibility of gradually solving problems in various areas by implementing the appropriate systems, according to individual requirements and priorities. This leads to optimized resource utilization through functionally specialized software systems while significantly reducing the dependency on a single software solution vendor. 

As a specialized provider for staff scheduling software, Sheepblue’s main objective lies in providing a user-friendly and flexible rostering solution for companies. The implementation and the transition from manual to automatic duty scheduling can be easily carried out with the support of our experienced staff, without the need for an in-house IT department. By offering an open interface, our software is ideally suited for being seamlessly connected to various systems.  In this way, duty rosters can be created in a matter of just a few minutes.

Let us solve your scheduling problems together and arrange a demo appointment right away:

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