How Sheepblue helps Egger Getränke with automated scheduling


Egger Getränke is a company specializing in beer and non-alcoholic beverages and is one of the leading suppliers in Austria. The strategic focus is on own brands, contract filling and private labels. Egger Getränke is an Austrian family-owned company and focuses on its customers and consumers by developing and promoting innovative and economically lucrative products.


The challenge at Egger Getränke and in general in production plants with filling systems is the error-free productivity of the individual lines. With filling quantities of up to one million liters per day, the intelligent interaction of all factors is very important. Workforce planning plays a major role in this.

In addition, implementing Sheepblue has pursued three more goals:

  • How can I make the workforce planning faster and reduce the manual effort?
  • How can I guarantee rest periods and agreed working hours without having to painstakingly control the plans?
  • How can I perfectly coordinate the vacations of all employees, so that the operation remains guaranteed without additional resources?


In an initial workshop, the existing shift planning process was analysed and, based on this, it was decided to test the real operation with selected production lines in a defined two-month test phase.

In this test phase, accompanied by Sheepblue, the planning strategies were worked out and evaluated. The system was then configured in such a way that the creation of the duty roster worked fully automatically at the push of a button. The topic of so-called jumpers was specifically addressed. They ensure – even in the event of short-term failures – trouble-free operation of the systems. An individual report of the shift schedule was also jointly developed to enable a smooth transition from the manual creation of the duty roster to a fully automated process


The full automation of the creation of the shift plans brought the following advantages:

  • Error rate has been significantly reduced – including through individually stored shift models
  • Clarity could be massively increased – especially when it comes to absences
  • Duty rosters are created 7 times faster and require less manual rework than before

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