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How Sheepblue helps Egger Getränke with automated scheduling

Egger Getränke is a company specializing in beer and non-alcoholic beverages and is one of the leading suppliers in Austria. The strategic focus is on own brands, contract filling and private labels. Egger Getränke is an Austrian family-owned company and focuses on its customers and consumers by developing and promoting

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Sheepblue in practice at Competec

Competec Logistik AG is part of the Competec Group based in Mägenwil, a Swiss group of companies specializing in the import, distribution and sale of hardware and software as well as consumer electronics, household goods, sports and leisure products. Competec Logistik AG handles all logistics tasks of the Competec Group.

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The right to part-time and four-day week

If one follows these days the media and the political reporting around the upcoming Nationalrat election in Austria, one discovers many entries, which revolve around the topic of working time, twelve-hour day, four-day week, holidays, part-time phases and working conditions. We want to explore the question of how to reconcile

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