The right to part-time and four-day week


If one follows these days the media and the political reporting around the upcoming Nationalrat election in Austria, one discovers many entries, which revolve around the topic of working time, twelve-hour day, four-day week, holidays, part-time phases and working conditions. We want to explore the question of how to reconcile efficiency with good working conditions and thus create sustainable added value.

How good working conditions have a positive effect

In recent years, much has been done on the scientific side to prove which forms of work are good for people and which are less. Numerous studies have shown that the connection between flexible working hours and positive work-life balance is very strong. Thus, the more the design of working time is left to the employees, the better the compatibility of work and private life. Employers who offer their employees flexible working hours – e.g. through home office allowance, increase the satisfaction and thus the work productivity in the company.

Ebenso gab es im Bereich Nacht- und Schichtdienst zahlreiche Studien, die herausfanden, welche Methodik für den Körper und Geist die besten sind. Alleine die Tatsache, dass 2017 die Chronobiologen Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash und Michael W. Young den Nobelpreis für die Erforschung der inneren Uhr bekamen, zeigt die Wichtigkeit für gute Arbeitsbedingungen um ein erfüllte Leben leben zu können.

And what about the economic efficiency?

On the side of the companies, of course, the world looks different. It is important to achieve quarterly goals, to assert oneself against competitors and to drive innovations in order to succeed in the market in the future. The flexibility of working hours, massive changes in the availability of staff or simply the radical reduction of working hours make the long-term personnel planning as well as the medium- and short-term planning of workforce schedules significantly more difficult.

The solution: a better use of resources

The solution is simple. Whenever I need more output with the same input, or the same output with less input … there is a nice word: efficiency. The word has lost its shine in the meantime, but at the end of the day, efficiency is the one thing that counts. And there is also efficiency in the work-life balance. By taking the scientific results seriously and combining them with modern tools, it is possible for employees to create better conditions and be economically profitable.

Sheepblue completely automates employee scheduling and shift planning. This saves up to 90% manual work. At the same time, employees’ wishes and preferences can be taken into account, which leads to happier employees and a better work-life balance.

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