Digitalization in the Human Resource department

Digitalisierung der HR

To keep up with the evolving trend of digitalization its crucial for companies to stay competitive. While digitalization is already an ongoing process in many fields, firms often experience difficulties when trying to incorporate it in the area of human resources. But how can digital structures be enabled in this department with minimal effort?

Recruiting, providing learning opportunities or administrative tasks belong to the responsibilities of HR employees. Administrative tasks in particular are a huge time- and cost-factor. A Kienbaum-Study pointed out, that employees working in human resources dedicate 38% of their time to administrative tasks. Especially in recent years there was a shift in the scope of responsibility of HR in the direction of taking an important role in the strategic planning of a company.

Maintaining required skills and resources constitutes a big challenge for many companies, according to a recent Key Issues Study performed by the Hackett Group. More than 35% of the companies stated in the study, mentioned that they do not have sufficient in-house capacity to integrate a digitalization strategy in their HR department. The lack of sufficient IT-resources is stated to be one of the main barriers for its effective implementation.

Sheepblue`s innovative online software solution enables companies to implement digitalization in human resource departments without the necessity of in-house IT-departments. The automated creation of duty rosters is up to seven times faster than the original process, taking employees wishes, laws and requirements into account. By doing so, the bureaucratic effort can be reduced drastically, giving HR employees more time to focus on the essential tasks of their work.

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