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In the optimal workforce planning world, every employee should be involved in the duty rostering process, whether by submitting special requests and availabilities or by exchanging information with colleagues. Therefore, digital workforce management is of central importance if you want to increase employee satisfaction.

Exchange of information by colleagues

If employees do not know exactly when they have to work or if they are not informed in time about shift changes, this often leads to dissatisfaction.

Digital workforce planning allows all employees to be informed in real time about their shifts and working hours. This saves the company long reporting lines and optimizes the work process. As soon as changes are made to the shift schedule, all affected employees are notified immediately.

Employees and their flexibility

In order to increase the satisfaction and commitment of the employees, it is important to give them more flexibility in the rostering process. In digital workforce planning tools, employees can announce their availabilities. They can indicate on which days they can work. In addition to working hours, it is also important that all preferences are communicated directly in order to save time and to fully involve employees in the workforce planning process.

Sheepblue – automatic workforce planning at the push of a button

Sheepblue creates the duty roster for entire departments at the touch of a button, taking into account all the necessary rules for your company, such as legal requirements on working hours.

In addition, Sheepblue automatically takes care of the correct allocation in terms of the individual working time model. Sheepblue offers employers the ability to create their rosters in an highly efficient and easy way.

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