Vacation time – problem time


Even the old Horace (65-8 BC) used to say: “Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis”, which means “Happy is he who is far from the business”. And that may also be true for those who enjoy the holiday and devote themselves to recreation. But the employees who have to do the work during this time often suffer from understaffing and overtime.

Recognize bottlenecks and avoid understaffing

Frequently, holidays are released and approved in advance for a long time without being aware that the remaining crew will be enough to ensure proper operation. The reasons for this are manifold, but often just lacking the overview.

Granted, it’s not trivial to keep the rosters up to date for every month of the year. Whenever an employee requests a leave, the manager must manually review it. And that’s exactly where many companies fail.

Know in real time, whether the vacation request should be approved

Often, however, those managers who are responsible for staff scheduling cannot easily handle the employees’ vacation requests with internal tools and methods.

However, this problem can be solved relatively easily. With the right tool, such as automated dispatch planning by Sheepblue. The manager simply enters the employee’s holiday request and recalculates the duty roster for the period in question. Within seconds, the manager can tell whether the employee’s holiday wish is challenging the company or not. In other words, whether all the shifts needed for proper operation can be assigned with the right employees or not.

Of course, all working time rules, optimization strategies and other guidelines are taken into account. This gives the manager a real-time basis for his decision – whether to approve the leave or not. For the employee who wants to plan his well-deserved vacation, the short decision-making is a massive advantage. Because even if the first vacation request may not be approved, within a very short time the manager and the employee can easily try other constellations and come so quickly to a good solution for all parties.

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