The shortage of skilled professionals and its consequences


In Austria and other countries there is a shortage of skilled workers. But what exactly is understood by a lack of skilled workers and how can this problem be solved?

Definition and reasons for a shortage of skilled workers

The shortage of skilled professionals is understood as a condition in the economy, in that a high number of jobs for employees cannot be filled because there are no qualified professionals available in the labor market.

Reasons for this are to be found on the one hand with the generation Z, which strive more frequently for a university education than for a vocational education. On the other hand, there is a decline in apprenticeships and companies for apprentices. In addition, more and more companies are neglecting the training of their own professionals.

Economic problem

A shortage of skilled professionals can weaken potential economic growth. This poses a major challenge to the development of society, as important functions of society cannot be filled. How can companies help to solve this problem?

Measures to combat a shortage of skilled professionals

Businesses should strive to educate their own employees and promote multiple skills. Furthermore, older workers should be integrated into the company through flexible working time models, age-appropriate work organization and well-established health management. In addition, long-term employee retention is in the foreground. Through family-oriented services, such as childcare and family-friendly work organization, companies can stop or at least curb the shortage of skilled workers.

Reduce shortage of skilled workers through individual workforce planning

To ensure a family-friendly, age-appropriate and flexible work organization, structured workforce planning is essential. Using Sheepblue, this schedule planning can be created automatically. Sheepblue is the first online software solution for automatically creating rosters that actively takes employee preferences into account. Thus, companies can easily help to reduce the shortage of skilled workers and put the well-being of the employees in the foreground.

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