The Christmas Business: A Challenge for Workforce Management


The probably most beautiful and most contemplative time of the year: the Christmas time. But this time of the year is also associated with stress and challenges, especially in the area of workforce management.

The only constant (especially in retail) is change

The retail/commerce business tries to get us into the Christmas mood long before Christmas with various decorations and Christmas biscuits. December is by far the month with the highest turnover and the most labour-intensive month of the year. Therefore, it is a real benefit to think about intelligent and agile workforce planning in advance.

No matter how well you create your duty roster in advance, you can be sure of one thing: Nothing is carved in stone, especially not during the Christmas and holiday seasons. And so, the first changes often happen shortly after the roster has been published. Some employees want to swap a shift. And then there are unplanned absences during operation. Sickness absences, nursing leave and other absences do not necessarily make the life less stressful for those, who are responsible for the roster.

Innovation is the solution

For every challenge there is a way of handling it. We are in the age of digitalisation. So why not take advantage of the developments of the past few years in your own industry? The impression often seems to be that innovations in the IT industry cannot be used for one’s own company. But especially today it is easier than ever – because software is mostly offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), and it is accessible for everyone at any time. In addition, this model offers the advantage of simply testing software during a test phase before deciding on it. And intelligent software can also be the solution when it comes to creating efficient rosters during the Christmas season.

There are many software vendors who can assist with the creation of rosters – and there are also very innovative vendors who can fully automate this process. The benefits are obvious. Valuable employees don’t have to spend their time creating and managing rosters, they can take care of their employees. And employees become more satisfied because their wishes are taken into account.

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