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Taking a look at the Wikipedia entry, flexibility also adaptability, adaptivity, or adaptability) is referred to as the ability of a living entity or a society to change or self-organize, thanks to changing external circumstances in the sense of a changed interaction between actors themselves or the environment can be reacted to. Sounds very bulky at first glance, but says exactly what it is – namely how well you can respond to changes.

The only constant is change

You can be happy because you’ve finished the creation of the roster! Sure? Nothing is carved in stone. And so the first changes often happen shortly after the roster has been posted. Some employees want to swap their shifts. Others suddenly realize that they would rather have a day off next week. And during operation, unplanned absences will be added. Sick leave, care leave and other absences do not necessarily make the life easier for those who are responsible for the planning.

Respond to changes in a relaxed way

If one employee is absent, the person responsible for the roster has two options. The easiest way is to not assign the shift again. That is not always possible. Cash registers have to be staffed in the same way as production lines, and in the medical field as well replacement is often essential. With Sheepblue, the process is simple. First activate the best-fit dialog. A small window will open showing all employees who are eligible for this shift because they are assigned to this organizational unit. At the same time, this dialogue indicates which employee is best suited. A green check mark means that all rules are followed and the employee can be easily assigned. For example, the employee does not exceed his weekly working hours and he has the necessary qualifications. In addition, there is a value between 0 and 100, which indicates how well the employee fits according to the chosen optimization strategies. The higher the value, the better the choice.

In this way, the system proposes the best candidates. Of course, it is up to the manager to decide which employee should be assigned to the shift. But instead of having to torment himself through Excel lists, he sees within a few seconds, all the data he needs for the right decision.

See in this 30s video how Sheepblue helps you find the right employees for the vacant shifts within seconds:

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