Employee Scheduling and Short-time work

Kurzarbeit im Schichtbetrieb

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many employees are on short-time work and in home offices. Many companies, especially companies with shift work, are currently being put to a hard test, as they have to optimally regulate the creation of duty rosters and adapt them to the respective short-time work model.

What is short-time work?

In this case, the working time in a company is limited and reduced. Short-time work is used to bridge economic crisis situations and has the purpose of keeping employees in the company.

With this model it is possible to reduce the working hours, on the other hand the wage of the employees is subsidized by the state. Dismissals should be avoided. The aim is to secure jobs and to maintain the liquidity of the company and the skilled workforce.

The Austrian model currently looks like this, for example:

– up to € 1.700,- gross salary becomes 90%,

– up to € 2.685,- gross salary becomes 85%,

– and from € 2.686,- gross salary onwards, 80% of the previous net salary is paid out to the employee.

Working time regulations

During the entire period of short-time work (for example three months), employees must work at least ten percent of their previous working hours. However, the working time can also be divided up, so that at the beginning perhaps zero hours, later on correspondingly more work is required.

Problems with short-time working

Personnel planning and scheduling currently represents a major effort. Companies have to expect sudden employee absences and have to react quickly and flexibly to any changes in duty scheduling. Especially in shift operations, however, an optimal allocation of employees is essential in order to guarantee a smooth workflow. To avoid these effects, an optimal duty schedule creates the best conditions.

Sheepblue as a software solution

Sheepblue creates the duty roster for your departments and employees at the touch of a button, taking into account all the necessary rules for your company, such as legal requirements regarding working hours. In addition, Sheepblue automatically ensures the correct assignment of the selected shift model. Sheepblue offers employers a way to create shift schedules efficiently, quickly and easily – even during periods of short-time working.

Please contact us to find out how you can benefit from automated workforce planning and make an appointment for a demo here: https://www.sheepblue.com/en/demo/

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