3 Strategies to minimize the impact of absences in a crisis


A crisis – such as the current CORONA crisis – can have extensive effects and affect one, several or all employees. There is a high probability that absenteeism will occur at the workplace. And these absences have a negative impact on business processes. The following 3 strategies should help to reduce risks, minimise absences and guarantee a smooth running of the company. Optimal employee scheduling is often supportive.

Strategy No. 1 – Creating a culture of knowledge sharing

In order to prepare for situations in which important employees are missing, the team members must be trained on a regular basis. Keeping employees up to date minimizes the risks to the organization’s operations. A culture of knowledge sharing can be fostered in human resource planning and gaps in key functions can be avoided, including

the implementation of schedule and duty rotations

  • to pair employees in important functions with capable replacement employees
  • to provide practical experience and learn from it

Strategy No. 2 – Flexibility and technology

If employees are prevented from working in a normal environment, the employer should determine whether there are alternative ways of working to minimize the impact on the business. Home office offers many opportunities where possible. Greater flexibility, a better work-life balance for employees and a better quality of life increase employee engagement and productivity.

Automatic workforce planning can support this:

  • Management of flexible work arrangements
  • Reporting of hours outside normal working hours
  • Implementation of new legal regulations

Strategy No. 3 – Knowing the commitments

In a crisis, it is crucial that employers understand their obligations so that employees can be fully supported. Automated employee scheduling can provide perfect support here:

  • Consideration of the employees’ wishes
  • Simple/automatic shift swaps
  • Involvement of the employees in the rota planning

Sheepblue – Automated workforce planning at your fingertips

Sheepblue creates the duty roster for your departments and employees at the touch of a button, taking into account all the necessary rules for your company, such as legal requirements on working hours and many more. In addition, Sheepblue automatically takes care of the correct allocation of the correct working time model. Sheepblue offers employers a way to create rosters efficiently, quickly and easily – even in times of crisis.

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