The claim of generation Y

generation y

Part-time work, freelance existence or self-employment? Young workers are looking for more flexibility and responsibility. Generation Y thus confirms the trend of recent years and presents employers with new challenges.

The working world in transition

Some things have changed in the world. In the past, a well-regulated daily routine and associated prosperity were regarded as desirable goals of the general public. Today, many young people focus on other aspects when looking for a job: flexibility, more personal responsibility and a balanced leisure time are just a fraction of the demands that young employees place on their personal dream job.

Some professions have benefited from the flexibility of their employees in the past. Classic media professions or artistic activities are part of this field of work in which this agility is even expected.

However, with the increasing popularity of the Internet and the opportunities that it brings, this flexibility is no longer limited to these few industries. More and more industries are calling for workers’ flexibility.

Companies cannot follow any more

At the point of flexibility, many companies fail, whether medium-sized companies or corporations. Often those managers who are responsible for the employee’s working time cannot easily take into account the interests and needs of young workers with their internal tools and methods.

In short, executives are faced with a big problem with time management. Because in order to really implement all required working time requirements, previous methods and strategies must be thrown overboard or restructured. This restructuring is difficult for many organizations because it requires a transformational process that requires the right tools and mindset.

Possible solutions to overcoming the problem

Operationally, the right tools can help address the needs of Generation Y without starting a transformative change process. Sheepblue offers e.g. a software that automatically creates rosters, taking into account the individual needs of employees. And that at the touch of a button.

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