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The compatibility of professional and private life is often a special challenge for shift workers, which can only be mastered through holistic and integrative concepts. There are different shift models – this time we would like to introduce the 5-shift model.

How to schedule working time in a smart way

  • In today’s highly digitized society, there are innumerable types of work organization, which can be individually designed according to the needs of the respective company. If the working time is less than 38 hours a week, the working time management of the free shift is often too complicated. In order to ensure simple and fair duty rosters, extended models of shifting must be used. Web-based solutions for automated duty scheduling enable companies to maintain an overview even with complex shift systems. In this way, it is easy and quick to respond to employee requests or unforeseen changes. The five-shift model offers the possibility of ensuring continuous work operation in five shifts. The transition from full-time to part-time jobs can also create new jobs or cut jobs by reducing working hours.

This is how the work-life balance works

To ensure fair duty planning for shift workers, at least two consecutive days off should fall on the weekend. This creates space for social interaction and sufficient regeneration. A work block of five days is followed by a leisure block of four days. This enables employees to relax longer, as well as a better work-life balance. Due to the exponentially increasing load profile of shift workers, accidents can occur more often if there are no rest periods.

Sheepblue helps you to keep an overview in the complex five-shift model and to create an optimal duty schedule at the push of a button. So not only your company, but also your employees benefit from our intelligent software solution.

Please contact us to find out how you can benefit from automated workforce planning and the five-shift model and make an appointment for a demo here:

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