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The Canton of Aargau is a canton in Switzerland, consisting of eleven districts. With a 34 percent share of employees in the industrial sector, Aargau is the largest manufacturing canton in Switzerland. The Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Aargau (STVAAG) is characterized in particular by a wide range of tasks to ensure traffic operations. In addition to driver licensing, the STVAAG is also responsible for water transport or administrative activities.

A major challenge in the workforce planning of civil servants in the Canton of Aargau are the different areas of activity and the cross-location division of civil servants. In addition, split shifts and monotonous activities should be avoided as far as possible. Especially in the STVAAG, the comparison of job requirements and employee skills is essential.

Two specific issues were addressed with the implementation of Sheepblue:

  • How can monotonous activities be made exciting and employee satisfaction be increased accordingly?
  • How can effective scheduling be guaranteed in the light of a cost-benefit analysis and how can manual effort be reduced?

To ensure that monotonous activities are only carried out for a short period of time a job rotation scheme with specific requirements and patterns was worked out and incorporated into the software. For this purpose, rules were implemented and location preferences were stored in the system. For example, a maximum duration of activity for various jobs and a minimum duration per area of responsibility were defined.

By implementing a job rotation scheme, the satisfaction and efficiency of employees has increased tremendously. In addition to the time saved by the automated creation of rosters, employees now have access to their current roster at any time.

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