Sheepblue in practice at Turek


About 60 years ago, Turek started with a small business in the 17th district of Vienna and quickly established itself as a trendsetter in jeans and sportswear. Today Turek offers in over 10 stores a wide selection in the field of high-quality brand jeans and scores with an individual, service-oriented and extremely competent advice. In addition, Turek has been a fair trade fashion expert for more than a decade.


With 6 opening days per week and various preparatory activities, there are seasonal challenges in personnel planning. The staffing needs in the men’s and women’s departments must be adjusted to the times of day, weekdays and special events such as holidays or Christmas. Especially in the holiday season must be planned very precisely to ensure the best possible operation.

The implementation of Sheepblue pursued the following specific goals:

  • How can I define staff requirements in a structured manner and reduce the manual effort involved in planning?
  • How can I fill the vacancies in one store with employees from another store in the best possible way?
  • How can I best plan the vacations of all employees, so that operationals is guaranteed without additional staff?


Together with Sheepblue they started to take the first steps for a branch directly on site. The initial setup, the input of the working time models of the staff as well as the personnel requirement for a standard week, only needed 2 hours. Then at the push of a button the first plan for a whole month could be calculated.

Then the desired strategy plugins were configured. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to set the priorities by means of a slider in order to achieve the desired planning result. Subsequently, the vacation plans of the individual employees were entered and checked with the help of a long-term calculation, whether the personnel requirement is sufficient also in the vacation times.


The use of Sheepblue and the associated automated generation of rosters brought a massive time savings. Until now, the roster had to be created manually. In addition, it is possible – especially during vacation periods – to see which employee is available in other stores. This improves the overview and also facilitates the short-term deployment planning.

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