Workforce scheduling in the food producing industry


The requirements for the food industry are high. Consistent product quality, constant availability and the desire for sustainable products are particular challenges. New regulations and laws must also be strictly followed in the food industry. The optimal utilization of existing resources and production capacities are of utmost importance.

Shift work is common practice in many companies in order to meet customer requirements. The increasing demands for product quality, but also the desire for fair shift plans must be taken into consideration during this process. A good work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for employees, which may cause problems in personnel planning.  Monotony in everyday work is another thing that has to be addressed.

Those companies that can create flexibility in their duty scheduling therefore gain an essential competitive advantage. In order to be able to react to the increasing demand within a short period of time, a good overview of the current personnel capacity utilization is essential. The ban on work contracts in large German slaughterhouses, which will be introduced in January 2021, can also become a major hurdle for many companies.

With solutions such as automatic rostering and the introduction of a job rotation scheme, fair shift planning can be ensured. Different shift models such as 3, 4 or 5 work shift models can also improve employee satisfaction while maintaining the same production capacity. Labour law regulations and the wishes of the employees must be taken into account for a good duty roster.

Sheepblue’s automatic shift planning offers special solutions for achieving an effective roster. By implementing regulations and legal requirements, it is possible to automatically take these into account. Requirements and qualification profiles are constantly compared by the software and assigned accordingly. Short-term absences can also be reallocated at any time with just one click. This prevents idle times and increases employee satisfaction through optimized rosters.

Sheepblue enables companies to create duty rosters at the push of a button, while taking necessary regulations, legal requirements as well as employees wishes into account. In addition, Sheepblue’s mobile software can automatically handle exchange and working request processes. While increasing planning efficiency, Sheepblue also leads to an enormous increase in employee satisfaction through effective employee communication without additional effort.

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