Rosters and working hours – a duo infernal?


In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult for companies to create effective rosters. More regulations, stricter working hours laws and a changed workforce present companies with seemingly unsolvable tasks. Nevertheless, there are – also thanks to digitization – approaches to combat this problem.

More and more restrictions

If you are responsible in a company for rosters or working hours of employees, you are in a – unfortunately – quite thankless job. Thanks to the many changes and tightening in terms of regulations, working hours and much more, this area is undergoing constant change. In addition to the legal changes that have to be observed, the needs of many employees have changed in recent years. As a result, the task of the manager – to “meet” all requirements and needs – became increasingly difficult and confusing.

On the one hand, with many legal and social changes, creating rosters has become incredibly complicated and complex. Employees who are responsible for these resource planning can hardly keep track of the magnitude of their task. On the other hand, employees who want more individuality in their working time but do not get it fulfilled are becoming increasingly dissatisfied in the workplace, and this is often reflected in declining motivation.

Die Herausforderung auf Seiten des Arbeitgebers, nämlich allen Anforderungen und Wünschen gerecht zu werden und die Komplexität der Planung zu orchestrieren – ist kein trivial zu lösendes Problem. The challenge on the part of the employer, namely to meet all requirements and desires and to orchestrate the complexity of planning – is not a trivial problem to be solved.

Innovation has always been the solution

We are in the era of digitization. So why not take advantage of developments in recent years in your own industry? It often seems that innovations in the IT industry can not be used for one’s own business. But today it is easier than ever – because software is nowadays mostly offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), and this is always accessible to everyone. In addition, this model offers the advantage of simply trying out software in the course of a test phase before deciding on it.

And intelligent software can also be the solution when it comes to creating efficient rosters.

There are many software vendors who help create rosters – and there are also very innovative vendors who can fully automate this process. The advantages are apparent. Valuable employees do not have to spend their time creating and managing rosters, but can look after their employees. And the employees become happier because their wishes are taken into account.

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