Optimal shift planning for hospitals

Optimale Dienstplanung im Gesundheitssektor

Hospitals and nursing homes in particular are constantly on the search for qualified specialists. The problem here, however, is that working hours are often not family-friendly due to difficulties in planning. This is often a criterion for exclusion when it comes to choosing a job. With this blog entry, we show how digital workforce planning can be reliably and optimally designed.

Transparent planning of working hours

Working hours in hospitals and in the nursing sector should be as flexible and reliable as possible. Especially evening, night and weekend shifts as well as on-call duty are unavoidable in the health care sector and therefore have to be planned fairly, transparently and accurately. With the help of software duty scheduling, this process can be supported by giving employees a constant insight into their current duty roster and allowing any changes to the roster to be reported early on.

Better work-life balance

By means of desired duty rosters and shift changes, the personnel deployment planning in hospitals can be arranged flexibly. Personal life situations and working time preferences can thus be well coordinated. The system enables employees to switch shifts with colleagues by automatically taking defined basic conditions into account. This means that shift changes are carried out according to the rules.

Advantages of digital duty scheduling

The following information is stored in the system:

– Working time models

– Balances

– Availability of employees

– Laws

– Tariffs

– Company agreements

– Qualifications

This ensures that a flexible roster can be put together with high quality.

Sheepblue as a software solution

Sheepblue creates the duty roster for your departments and employees at the simple click of a button, taking into account all the necessary rules for your company, such as legal requirements on working hours. In addition, Sheepblue automatically takes care of the correct allocation of the selected shifts in the hospital. Sheepblue offers employers a way to create shift schedules efficiently, quickly and easily.

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