Employee communication in times of crisis

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The COVID-19-crisis confronts companies and their employees with new challenges on a daily basis. Effective employee communication has therefore become of utmost importance. Even Paul Watzlawick, a communication scientist and the author of the communication theory on radical constructivism, once said “it is impossible not to communicate”.

Employee communication refers to the internal communication inside an enterprise. This communication may happen in a formal or informal way. Informal communication includes for example conversations between employees, dialog with employees or internal information processing. Moreover, it also involves both, personal and digital communication.

As a result of the increasing communication and planning efforts due to the pandemic, a structured transmission of information within a company is essential. Furthermore, general principles such as  transparency, communication range and interaction possibilities have to be taken into consideration. Effective communication helps to increase motivation and to create a sense of community, which also enhances staff retention.

Another important area where one can benefit from good employee communication is in the creation of duty rosters. This enables not only the simplified handling of working and leisure time requests but also exchange enquiries. Duty rostering applications are particularly well suited for this purpose on the basis of the topicality and constant availability. Moreover, even unexpected absences can easily be taken into account even on short notice.

Uncertainty among employees, resulting of changing employment conditions or legal regulations, often occur regarding the shift assignments or planning backgrounds. Through respective interactions, preferences and individual consequences can be taken into consideration. The process of involving employees preferences in duty rostering can be seen as the highest stage of employee communication.

Sheepblue enables companies to create duty rosters at the push of a button, while taking necessary regulations, legal requirements as well as employees wishes into account. In addition, Sheepblue’s mobile software can automatically handle exchange and working request processes. While increasing planning efficiency, Sheepblue also leads to an enormous increase in employee satisfaction through effective employee communication without additional effort.

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