Creation of rosters – a time waster?


Employees form the core of an organization. As the organization grows, so does the number of employees. Scheduling shifts and creating employee rosters is a challenging task, and this challenge increases many fold as the number of employees increases. This complex task of creating rosters is the responsibility of HR managers. And this task ultimately takes the valuable time of the executives.

Complex rosters

Creating rosters is a technical task, and managers sometimes do not access the right tools to do this optimally. This leads to rosters with an uneven distribution of working hours between employees. As a result, organizations pay on one hand for overtime, on the other hand, part of the employees not even achieve the required minimum working time but still needs to be paid according to the employment contract.

Compliant classification and locations

Technicalities in scheduling are not just limited to the equal division of man-hours. In fact, man-hours are just the tip of the iceberg. The creator of the roster has to consider a number of things before he/she can assign work to employees. One of the most important things to consider while creating employee rosters would be the labor laws and company-specific work policy. The complexity arises when managers are looking for scheduling of multiple locations and there are shared resources amongst the locations.

Employee preferences

Creating roasters is all about the human resource of your organization and when we are talking about employees there is a lot more to consider than optimal scheduling, labor laws, and company policies. One of the most important factor and also the most difficult to consider while creating roasters would be employee preferences. As the employee strength increases so do the complexity of employees’ preferences. The complexity is such that for large units with hundreds of employees working in shifts it is almost impossible to create roasters manually.

Satisfied employees

Young employees today value work-life balance a lot and are not motivated by just monetary incentives. Employees are demanding flexible workplaces which consider their preferences and schedules their duty accordingly. One of the reasons behind the employee turnover rate is rigid or unjust scheduling. Both of these factors lead to dissatisfaction amongst employees and thus employees are attracted towards organizations which offer the benefits of flexible work hours and scheduling around employees’ preferences.

The simple solution

What if we are to say that we have a product that addresses all your rostering needs.

Scheduling is a tedious technical task and this task would be best aided by technology. We at Sheepblue offer the perfect solution for all your scheduling demands. Sheepblue offers online software which will optimize your schedule process. The software is designed to automatically create roster for your employees by considering the labor laws, company policies and employee preference. Our intelligent algorithm is designed to minimize overtime and maximize employee satisfaction. Our software will free valuable time of the HR managers and will enable them to do other productive work.  Contact us get one stop solution to all your rostering needs and in the process also optimize your business.

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