Automatic workforce planning in pharmacies


The profession of a pharmacist is very sophisticated and a deep knowledge in a wide range of areas is an absolute necessity. However, the great responsibility does not only relate to the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products, because special legal requirements must also be observed within the framework of optimal duty rostering.

Online rostering

In Austria the preparation of rosters in pharmacies is regulated by the Ordinance on the Operation of Pharmacies and the Employees Act. In order to comply with these regulations, an automatic and reliable rostering system is advantageous. At the same time, it enables more attention to be paid to the needs of individual employees:

– Employees can be assigned to specific areas of work and special services

– Working hours can be adapted to the employees’ wishes (e.g. by swapping shifts)

Online absence management

Digital holiday plans and absence management lead to less bureaucracy and a short decision-making processes. The operation of the pharmacy must always be continued in compliance with the law, despite the absence of individual specialists.

With the help of digital solutions, holiday planning can be made more transparent and fair. In addition, the employer can react flexibly to short-term absences and absences.

Long-term planning

An automatic workforce planning system enables the personnel requirements of a pharmacy to be planned in the long term. This saves valuable time that can be used for other activities in the business.

Sheepblue as a software solution

Sheepblue can completely automate your workforce planning. This saves up to 90% manual labour. At the same time, the wishes and preferences of your employees can be taken into account…

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