Advertise shifts & request shifts

Increase the satisfaction of your employees without additional effort

Whether it’s swap requests, time off requests or shift requests, our wishbox functionality combines employee requests with your company’s needs without any additional planning effort. Staff schedulers can advertise open shifts for booking on a first-come, first-served basis, or release individual or multiple shifts for bidding by a specific deadline.

After the deadline has been reached, the corresponding shift requiremend is automatically assigned on the basis of the submitted requests and the planning strategies stored in the system. Employees are shown as options for the shift requests only those options that meet the rules, qualifications and working time limits.

Free time request

For many employees, coordinating their professional and private lives is an enormous challenge. It is therefore all the more important to take the wishes of the employees employees' wishes as far as possible in the planning process. Employees can make requests for time off for their shifts at any time without any additional effort on the part of the scheduler.

Request for work

To ensure the highest possible degree of flexibility in scheduling, requests for individual shifts or entire working days can be submitted via the system. In doing so, all configured rules and strategies are always adhered to during each roster creation.

Shift swap

Employees can create swap requests for shifts that have already been scheduled. In compliance with the rules you have stored, these can be swapped directly or collectively, taking into account the availabilities and skills of the employees.

Automated rostering

Sheepblue is an online based software solution for the automatic creation of optimal duty rosters. Through the use of Sheepblue the planning reliability and flexibility as well as employee satisfaction can be improved.

Convince yourself of the automated rostering at the push of a button!

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