Benefits of automated shift planning

Vorteile der automatisierten Dienstplanung

Managers and human resource managers see the creation and implementation of a roster as one of the most complex tasks of their job. You need to maintain a balance between avoiding over-assigning / over-time costs on the one hand and ensuring enough, productive employees on the other hand.

People are not like machines that are operated, have no fatigue and then show no signs of physical or emotional limitations. Each employee has his / her personal concerns and needs to bring to work. However, if their concerns and needs can not be effectively planned and taken into account, their performance can be reduced and they become more prone to mistakes at work.

All of these problems can be effectively solved with an automatic roster software like Sheepblue. Here are the incredible results you can get by using such a software solution:

More efficient planning, better coordination

An automatic roster software can help to find an optimal balance between over- and under-occupations. Our software is highly flexible and intelligent and presents the user with various options, depending on the industry and type of business.

Overtime and additional tasks are no longer a burden for both employees and employers. Sheepblue helps streamline the process, improve coordination in the workplace, and make work faster and more efficient.

Observe working hours and rest periods

With the effective assignments of employees, each employee has the opportunity to fully rest before starting the next challenge. A fresh and well-rested employee ensures greater productivity and reduces the likelihood of workplace error.

The laws and regulations governing employee working hours must be taken into account. With the intelligent management options available, you can relax while the software automatically complies with all regulations and work-related issues.

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